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Comic Book Readers

orkin 1947

what’s this?

Little girls read comics from the very beginning of their incarnation??



“Girl reading comic book in newsstand” by Teenie Harris (c. 1940-1945) © 2006 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

That sound you hear is thousands of wangsting sexist fanboys shrieking in horror.

Suck it.

My mom was reading superhero comics before most of y’all were even born.

Same with mine, yo! She loved Spider-Man.

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annieerskine asked:

Your art is great! What personal projects are you working on at this time? :)


This is an exciting question to get… We’re preparing a pitch package now for Follipops, an all-ages adventure comic about a vagabond con-artist who tries to fit in with a new town and ends up working for the bad guy instead. Tawni is the nerve and the muscle but the secret of her success is her assistant Dudu, a living sock animal with a mysterious bag.

We test-marketed a promotional banner at ECCC and people called it “cartoony with an edge.” If no one bites, we may do a Kickstarter. We’ll consider our options, this project has a future and the thumbnails in progress are fantastic.

I’m the writer and my husband Scott Ball is responsible for all aspects of the artwork. More concept art can be seen at his Deviant Art gallery.

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